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Over the last 60 years ALSA has advanced to Europe's largest manufacturer of shoe components.

The decisive factors for this development are amongst others the high standards that ALSA set for their products and the resulting care that is exercised during the production under ecological, as well as economic considerations. One of the most decisive factors for the success is the consistent quality that ensures continuous trouble-free production for the processors. This additionally includes the consistent application of innovative technology, as well as the greatest diligence in the selection and monitoring of high quality raw materials. Important arguments for our production location Germany.

Today 550 employees in the plants Steinau/Uerzell and Görlitz manufacture shoe components that guarantee the highest wearing comfort. Continuously initiated new and further developments of our products, as well as ecologically sensitive production processes give ALSA the certainty of being able to continuously accommodate to the wishes and requirements of our customers and can thereby look positively towards the future.


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ALSA - in balance with nature
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